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Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas

Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas

Love and Loss

9th October, 2023

There are certain days when you feel that you've reached the lowest point in your life. Today is one such for me. From a delayed PPO announcement in my professional life to the growing misunderstandings in my personal life, everything seems to be very much out of my hands. Trying to find an escape scribbling down my thoughts here.

In the tapestry of my life, there are three threads of love, each woven with deep affection and care, each uniquely complex and etched into the fabric of my being. Today, as the calendar marks a significant day, I find myself caught in a whirlpool of emotions, yearning for understanding and closure. The first thread, the tender ember of my very first love, lights up within me. Today is her birthday, and the waves of nostalgia carry me back to innocent times, when her laughter painted my world with colors I had never known. I send her heartfelt wishes, hoping she's found all the happiness she deserves.

The second thread is an unyielding love that once held me captive. Its flame, though subdued, still flickers within me, casting a gentle glow on memories we once shared. Time may have passed, leaving its marks and scars, but my affection remains as steadfast as the northern star. Amidst the complexities, controversies, and misunderstood moments that fate intertwined within our story, my heart seeks clarity and understanding. The path I journeyed was beset with public backlashes, accusations that I knew to be untrue. I hope, in the depths of my being, that misunderstandings find their resolve and that transparency prevails. I cherish the memories we made, the love we once celebrated, and in the quiet corners of my thoughts, I send silent wishes for her to find a journey blessed with genuine joy and profound love.

Then, there's the third thread, a tale of recent sorrow and misunderstanding. In my attempt to revive the warmth we once had, I found myself lost in a labyrinth of emotions. I sought solace and understanding, but the silence echoed louder than words. All I ever wanted was to be heard, to bridge the gap that had grown between us. I hold onto hope, believing that empathy and sensibility will find a way to mend what's broken, for my care for her remains untouched, deep-rooted.

In this quiet monologue of love and loss, I bear no grudges, just an earnest wish that circumstances could be different. I remain open to the possibility of healing and reconciliation. I extend my thoughts and emotions to the universe, in the hopes that they may find their way to the hearts of these three remarkable women who have shaped my journey so far.

Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas

If I ever die

If I ever die,
With a flower in my hand.
A cascade of gifts,
On a foreign land.
Cool breeze in my hair,
As I ride past the road,
In my lavender little Ford.
I wish I could have your glimpse,
On my last day of life.
I wish I could have,
Made you my wife.

Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas


Translated from Shauq, Qala

I have a desire to shatter,
My love, just say will you gather me back?

I have a fondness to break apart
Unbosom how you will gather me back

I am drowning in you today
The truth is buried in silence

The night breeze has gasped
Beholding your beauty
Like I gasp holding your hand.

In your eyes, the night river flows,
My steps bow down singing praises to you,
This story is attained a hundred percent.

Oh...the steps have risen
Now the eyes look down
Like a deep conversation is taking place

Oh...we both are immersed
Lost and engulfed in each other
Like the evening mist that marries into the winter sky

The water has also become yours,
Like a transparent mirror,
Counting you amidst the stars.

I have a desire to break apart,
Just say how you will gather me back

I have a fondness to shatter,
My love, just say will you gather me back?

The Romance of Eternal Hope

Translated from ANTAHEEN

His home was burnt in unanticipated fires
His mind was washed away by the ravaging floods
But still, he gets stirred by visages
Still, he crafts Goddesses from the Earth

My First Haiku

Chaste heart waiting
For my love to come to me
Eternity's worth

Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas
Manas Pratim Biswas

প্রিয় গান

সেই কোন কথা নেই মুখে
শুধু চুপচাপ বসে থাকা
ছিল যার যার ব্যাথা তার তার বুকে
ছড়িয়ে ছিটিয়ে রাখা
আমি ভাবিনি তখন ভুলেও এমন
দুজন দুদিকে যাবে
বুঝিনি আমার হৃদস্পন্ধন
আমার অচেনা হবে।

এই বিভক্ত পৃথিবীতে
বড় শক্ত বাধন ছিল
হল অহংকারের জয়
সেই বন্ধন ছিঁড়ে গেল।

সেই অহংকারের খেলায় দুজনে
জিতে গেছি একসাথে,
প্রতি ইটের জবাব পাথরে দিয়েছি
বিজয়ের মালা হাতে !
সেই বিজয়উল্লাস প্রতিদ্ধনিত
মূর্ত আর্তনাদে
আজ বুকের ভিতর মিষ্টি একটা
শৈশব শুধু কাঁদে।

আজ অবেলার অবসরে,
কেন লাগছে ভীষণ একা
কত হাজার বছর তোর হাতটাকে
হয়নিত ছুঁয়ে দেখা।

কেন বাড়লে বয়স ছোট্ট বেলার
বন্ধু হারিয়ে যায় ?
কেন হারাচ্ছে সব, বাড়াচ্ছে ভিড়
হারানোর তালিকায় ?

আমি কত-কতবার আঁকি তোর ছবি
অঘোর কল্পনাতে
আজও জলে যাই, আজও পুড়ে যাই
তোর দুচোখের অবসাদে।

দেখ, নীল নীল নীল আকাশের মত
অনন্ত হাহাকার
আজ বুকের ভেতর ভাঙ্গছে-ভাঙ্গছে
ভেঙ্গে সব চুরমার।

কোন শত্রুরও যেন প্রানের বন্ধু
এমন দুরে না যায়
শোন বন্ধু কখনো কোন বন্ধুকে
বলোনা যেন বিদায়

পাগল আব্দুল করিম বলে
হলো এ কী ব্যাধি
তুমি বিনে এ ভুবনে,
তুমি বিনে এ ভুবনে
কে আছে ঔষধি রে বন্ধু
ছেড়ে যাইবা যদি।
কেন পিরিতি বাড়াইলারে বন্ধু
ছেড়ে যাইবা যদি ?

Oh, can't you see it, baby?
You've got me goin' crazy

Wherever you go, whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you
Waiting for you